The governance and reform of signals intelligence & the use of surveillance technologies by law enforcement agencies


Upon invitation by Professor Iain Cameron (Professor in Public Law and Member of the Council of Europe's Venice Commission) Dr. Thorsten Wetzling and Mr. Jan-Peter Kleinhans will hold a lecture on 3 December at the Center for Police Research at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Signals intelligence governance and reform is a topical subject in a number of states since the “Snowden revelations”. Another separate, but related issue is the use law enforcement agencies make of surveillance technologies (e.g. metadata, IMSI catchers). The issue of regulating access to metadata is highly topical following the CJEU judgment in Digital Rights Ireland. The lecturers will give a German perspective on the issues of when such technologies should be used, and what sort of control and oversight systems should be in place to regulate their use. Thereafter, there will be an opportunity for general discussion of the issues.