Transatlantic Cyber Forum Track 2 experts met in D.C. for workshop


From 10th to 11th of July experts from the Transatlantic Cyber Forum Track 2 came together in Washington D.C. for the first in person meeting and workshop on cyber defence and political IT-infrastructure.

The group consisting of German and US experts from civil society, academia and private sector discussed and challenged the identified problems and solutions proposed in the first problem analysis. The workshop participants agreed upon changing the scope of the track and focusing the research on future critical points of influence in the democratic process. This was deemed the most impactful to tackle the problems which were rated the most critical, such as a lack of understanding of the geopolitical environment and gaps in cyber security architecture. The new working package aims to create ways for countries to think and act more strategic.

The workshop was organised and moderated by Sven Herpig and Julia Schuetze. The TCF working group members will be asked to collaborate online in the next months.

10.07.2017 bis 11.07.2017