Privacy Policy and Strategy in a Post-Snowden EU


Thus far, the reaction of Europe's leaders to the NSA scandal has been long on outrage and short on alternative approaches. No serious effort has been made by any member state to reform laws and present specific new privacy standards, nor to ensure respect for existing domestic and international legal obligations. We hope to help change that. The first step is bringing together civil society leaders to discuss and organize around proposals and strategies for reform.

This workshop will convene a group of around 25 organizations with a focus on digital policy, human rights, and civil liberties. The objective is three-fold - and maps onto an agenda of three sessions over the course of the day:

1. To share information about the national level debates and activities of participating NGOs working on surveillance policy reform.
2. To engage in a structured discussion of the policy debate and political strategies for change in order to identify common ground and differences of approach among participating organizations.
3. To explore ways in which an EU-wide network of organizations may collaborate on common goals and work towards change.

A sub-set of the participants in this meeting convened in April and developed a concept paper which will be circulated in advance of the June 13th workshop. This will serve as a basis of discussion, but the purpose is not toalign around its conclusions but rather to debate the hard questions of legal analysis and political strategy against a test case.

The goal of this meeting is to deepen our common understanding of the politics and policy of surveillance reform, evaluate different approaches to change, and build alliances among our organizations. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long political process that will change the privacy landscape for the better.  We want to start by bringing together a group of great minds.

This workshop is an invite-only event.

13.06.2014 - 08:30 bis 18:00
Jan-Peter Kleinhans