Anti-War Era: The Need for Proactive Cyber Security


Chapter in Cyber Security and Privacy – Trust in the Digital World and Cyber Security and Privacy EU Forum 2013, Brussels, Belgium, April 2013, Revised Selected Papers

Volume 182 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science, pp 165-176.


Anti-war cyber warfare is not an oxymoron, it is reality. It describes actions taking place in a post-Cold War era which is defined by new strategies in the cyber domain. Those strategies mitigate conflicts through direct, non-lethal and sub rosa means. This paper argues that the international arena, with all its stakeholders, is entering a new era, creating an intense need for a holistic and proactive cyber security behaviour to counter the increasing number of hostile actions in the cyber domain. Proactive cyber security has to be steered by cooperating governments, and must involve the private and the public sector alike.

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23. Oktober 2013

Dr. Sven Herpig (Project Director Transatlantic Cyber Forum)