Big data, big hopes, big fears?


Discussion Leaders: 

Sophie Mestchersky, Director to Lead European Policy & Government Affairs, App Developers Alliance
Michał Boni, MEP
Markus Löning, Director, Privacy Project

The astonishing amount of data presently being generated reflects our ability to measure activity and to capture and analyse data like never before. This phenomenon promises social and economic benefits with new applications and services in all sectors from health and energy to transport and others through more efficient use of resources, improved productivity and services. Big data is expected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and to add billions of euros to the EU economy. The digital footprint we leave behind, however, raises questions for cybersecurity, privacy and data protection. How can we enable innovation while building trust and empowering consumers and citizens?

Moderator: John Midgley, Intuit


Markus Löning (Senior Fellow)

26.02.2015 - 14:30 bis 15:45