GUARDINT’s Surveillance Oversight Database is online


We are delighted to announce the beta release of GUARDINT’s Surveillance Oversight Database. So far, there is no digital hub for documents related to intelligence surveillance and oversight. The publicly accessible database compiles legal documents, oversight reports, court decisions and regulatory frameworks from France, Germany and the United Kingdom. These documents have been catalogued by a transnational team of GUARDINT researchers. As an open-source archive, the database aims to support comparative research and to facilitate easy public access to these quintessential documents in one place.

The database is work in progress. It will expand over time by including data from more countries and a larger variety of document types. Currently, our database includes more than 300 documents in three languages such as French legislative frameworks from 1958 up to a recent ruling in the case of Privacy International vs. the UK from the European Court of Human Rights. Official English versions of documents are provided when available.

Erschienen bei: 
27. Januar 2021

Kilian Vieth