Jan-Peter Kleinhans

Project Director "Technology and Geopolitics"

Jan-Peter Kleinhans is head of the Technology and Geopolitics topic area since 2020. His focus is on the analysis of semiconductors as a strategic asset, how resilient the global semiconductor value chain is to external shocks and how Europe's competitiveness can be strengthened. 

Jan-Peter has identified the strategic relevance of semiconductors through his work on mobile network security (2018-2020), in particular 5G security and the issue of the trustworthiness of network equipment vendors. He presented his work on 5G security to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, among others. 

Jan-Peter has been working at SNV since 2014 and was responsible for the topic area of IT security in the Internet of Things. The aim of the project was to better understand why the market fails to produce sufficiently trustworthy IoT devices for consumers. It examined whether and how standardization, certification and market surveillance can create economic incentives for IoT manufacturers to produce secure and trustworthy IoT devices.  

Jan-Peter is Fellow of the Transatlantic Digital Debates 2016. He studied communication sciences in Uppsala, Sweden and business informatics in Darmstadt.

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