The Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV) is an independent think tank that develops concrete ideas as to how politics can shape technological change in society, the economy and the state. In order to guarantee the independence of its work, the organisation adopted a concept of mixed funding sources that include foundations, public funds and businesses.

Issues of digital infrastructure, the changing pattern of employment, IT security or internet surveillance now affect key areas of economic and social policy, domestic security or the protection of the fundamental rights of individuals. The experts of the SNV formulate analyses, develop policy proposals and organise conferences that address these issues and further subject areas.

Many excellent research institutes and think tanks already contribute to the fields of foreign policy, economic policy or environmental policy in Germany. Issues related to new technologies however lack comparable expert organisations that focus on current politics and social debates. The SNV wants to fill this gap in the landscape of German institutes and think tanks. This think tank seeks to provide a focal point for all people whose work covers current political and social questions of the cross-sectional issue of digitalization.

The SNV established a new working method for the development of policy proposals. Academic expertise provides the basis. The SNV however systematically involves and co-operates with experts in the fields of politics, economy, NGOs and research institutes and this already at an early stage in the process in order to rapidly test and improve policy proposals. This collaborative working method allows for different perspectives to participate in the process, inoperative proposals to be discarded early and ideas to be made practicable.
Many technology-intensive issues of politics are cross-sectional issues that change at a rapid pace. The combination of different knowledge, of continuous testing of ideas and of speed thus forms the core of the organisation.

To learn about the founding history of the SNV, please consult the FAQs.