Stiftung Neue Verantwortung will become interface

Jan 31, 2024









Since 2014, our team has worked on building an independent think tank and publishing well-researched analysis for everyone who wants to understand or shape technology policy in Germany. If we have learned something over the last ten years, it is that the challenges posed by technology cannot be tackled by any country alone, especially when it comes to Europe. This is why our experts have not only focused on Germany during the past years, but also started  working across Europe to provide expertise and policy ideas on AI, platform regulation, cyber security, government surveillance or semiconductor strategies.

For 2024 and beyond, we have set ourselves ambitious goals. We will further expand our research beyond Germany and develop SNV into a fully-fledged European Think Tank. We will also be tapping into new research areas and offering policy insights to a wider audience in Europe, recruiting new talent as well as building expert communities and networks in the process. Still, one of the most visible steps for this year will be to adopt a name that can be more easily pronounced by our growing community. So, in a few months, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung will become interface. Please also stay tuned for a change in our email address, and a whole new redesign to our website and our publications.

Rest assured, our experts will still continue to engage with Germany’s policy debates in a profound manner. Most importantly, we will remain independent, critical and focused on producing cutting-edge policy research and proposals in the public interest. With this new strategy presented today, we just want to build a bigger house for a wider community.

Please reach out to us with questions and ideas at this stage.