Transatlantic Cyber Forum Track 3 experts on oversight development met in D.C. for workshop


From 19th to 20th of September experts from the Transatlantic Cyber Forum Track 3 came together in Washington D.C. for the first in person meeting and workshop on surveillance governance and oversight innovation.

The group consisting of European and US experts from civil society, academia and private sector and former oversight representatives first discussed common challenges of oversight and future challenges emerging from electronic surveillance, such as lack of capacity and effective safeguards in an interactive workshop. They then identified possible leads to tackle the challenges. Advancing transparency to the public and audit studies were proposed to be the focus of the group in next months. Performing comparative case studies about best practices was deemed the most useful contribution of this group to to the professionalization of intelligence oversight.

The workshop was organised and moderated by Thorsten Wetzling and Julia Schuetze.

The TCF working group members will be asked to collaborate online in the next months and will join again for another workshop next summer.

09/19/2017 to 09/20/2017