Julia Schuetze

Project Manager "International Cyber Security Policy"

Julia Schuetze works as project manager of the "Transatlantic Cyber Forum“ which deals with international cyber security policy. She also works on cyber diplomacy of the European Union with the United States and Japan as part of the EU Cyber Direct project. Her research focus is on cyber operations against electoral processes, comparative cybersecurity policy and governance. As part of her role at SNV she has spoken at the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus in the United States, has facilitated workshops on Germany’s cybersecurity architecture with the foreign office, has organized the cybersecurity conference with the Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik as well as  several other workshops and events with U.S. and German cybersecurity experts in Washington D.C. and Berlin. Her work has been published or cited by news outlets, such as WirtschaftsWoche Der Tagesspiegel, F.A.Z and the BBC.

Prior to SNV, she worked at Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. and has researched at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University. Her academic background is in Politics, Public Policy and Journalism focusing on Tech Policy early on at University of Bath, UW Seattle, UNCW, University of Stirling among others. In this context she mastered a thesis called ‘Germany’s cyber security awareness programme: Lessons from the US’, which was tutored by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

She is a Cybersecurity Policy Fellow at New America Foundation and volunteers for the OGP Civil Society Working Group and for the Steering Committee of the Internet Governance Forum Germany.

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+49 (0)30 81 45 03 78 82
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