Tracking Oversight of Surveillance in the US and EU

Press Talk

In both the US and Europe, policymakers are making important decisions about the governance of the bulk collection of communications and data for intelligence purposes. In the US, some of these questions are at the fore as Congress considers how to extend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act's Section 702 program, which is set to expire at the start of 2024.

To get a sense of how the broader policy debate around government surveillance is advancing in both the US and Europe, Tech Policy Press spoke to Dr. Thorsten Wetzling, head of the Digital Rights, Surveillance and Democracy research unit of the Berlin think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV), and Greg Nojeim, Director of the Security and Surveillance Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT).


Thorsten Wetzling and Greg Nojeim