European Cyber Diplomacy Dialogue


The second meeting of the European Cyber Diplomacy Dialogue was organized together with the European University Institute in Florence as part of the EU Cyber Direct Project. The conference gathered policy makers, diplomats and scholars to provide a forum to discuss strategic cyber engagements with other countries and stakeholders. This format helps the EU Cyber Direct project achieve its goals of not only bringing the latest cutting-edge research on diplomacy-relevant cyber issues to policymakers, but also exposing schloars to the latest policy debates.

The conference consisted of high-level roundtable discussions, deep-dive breakout sessions, and working sessions to discuss pressing issues thoroughly and with a diverse group of stakeholders. The main topic of the sessions this year focused on: 'Cyberspace in 2030: how to keep the EU relevant?'

01/20/2020 to 01/21/2020
Dr. Sven Herpig