Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key technology of digitalization. Advancing and shaping the development and deployment of this technology is becoming a central socio-economic and political challenge.

The Artificial Intelligence & Data Science team deals with the developments of data-driven technologies and their societal impacts. How can developments in Artificial Intelligence be measured and the effectiveness of political AI strategies be assessed? What resources does a strong AI ecosystem require? What societal and political risks are associated with these developments, and what conditions need to be created to minimize the risks of this technology?

With its technical expertise, the team also expands our think tank work to include quantitative, data-driven methods. These can provide a broader perspective or a deeper insight into a topic and allow for testing assumptions, identifying new questions, and recognizing connections in data, in order to better understand and shape technological change. Examples include a study of AI talent flows in Germany, an interactive visualization of the German cybersecurity ecosystem, and a trend analysis of semiconductor conference contributions.