Internet Governance Forum 2022: Panel "Toward a Resilient Internet: Cyber Diplomacy 2.0"

Panel Discussion

At the Internet Governance Forum 2022, Dr. Alexandra Paulus will join Livia Sobota (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Veni Markovski (ICANN), and Koichiro Komiyama (JPCERT) to discuss current challenges in cyber diplomacy.

The guiding questions for the panel are as follows:

  •  Do public attribution of cyber attacks and sanctions work as cyber diplomatic tools to constrain inappropriate behavior online?
  •  What are the most recent developments on cyber diplomacy practices and tools in different regions around the world?
  •  What are the particular challenges and opportunities raised with different views on cyber diplomacy and the way forward to better protect the Internet?

Livia Sobota, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Alexandra Paulus, SNV
Veni Markovski, ICANN
Koichiro Komiyama, JPCERT

12/01/2022 - 2:45pm to 4:30pm