Overview of DSA delegated acts, reports and codes of conduct


The Digital Services Act (DSA) is an upcoming EU law that will apply to hosting service provides, online platforms, search engines and video sites. It is meant to provide a transparency and accountability framework on content moderation, online advertising, platform design and risk assessments. There are lots of open questions on the rules and especially on their enforcement (you can read more about DSA enforcement in this SNV online publication from May 2022). 

In addition to open questions on the enforcement, there are plenty of delegated acts, implementing acts, potential codes of conduct and voluntary standards mentioned in the DSA that will more clearly define certain aspects of the law. This spreadsheet provides an overview of all these (potential) future additions to the DSA, for instance, on how the size of a platform can be determined, what additional voluntary rules for online advertising might apply and what reporting obligations fall on platforms and regulators. Successfully enforcing the DSA will not only hinge on the actual DSA articles but also these numerous future additions.


Source for the overview: DSA version of September 7, 2022


Abbreviations used 

API: application programming interface 
Board: European Board for Digital Services 
Commission: European Commission 
Council: Council of the European Union 
DSC: Digital Services Coordinator 
EESC: European Economic and Social Committee 
EP: European Parliament 
SME: small and medium-sized enterprise 
VLOP: very large online platform 


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September 12, 2022

Dr. Julian Jaursch