Anders als analog: Wir brauchen eine maßgeschneiderte Plattform-Regulierung ("We need tailored platform regulation")

SNV in the Media

Commentary by Julian Jaursch in the journal "Internationale Politik", issue #2/2021.

Especially after the violent intrusion into the U.S. Capitol in January 2021, international debate intensified on what rules should apply to digital platforms. Reforms are being considered in several countries and at the EU level. In this piece, SNV project director Julian Jaursch argues that a stand-alone regulatory approach to digital platforms is needed and that it is not enough to just expand analog structures.

To complement the article, below are selected sources on the topics discussed in the piece (in the order they appear in the article):

Sources on the events in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021:

Too little attention to non-US/EU regions and minority voices when it comes to disinformation and platform regulation:

Debates on reforming broadcasting and liability rules in the US:

Media regulatory reform in Germany:

Censorship in China:

Focus on "engagement" in social networks (and its potentially negative effects):

Proposal for a Digital Services Act (DSA) in the EU:

Dark patterns and their potential effects:

Arguments for a new regulatory framework specifically for digital platforms:

Published by: 
Zeitschrift "Internationale Politik"
March 01, 2021

Dr. Julian Jaursch