IT security in the Internet of Things

The complete networking of our private and professional everyday lives is progressing steadily. The Internet is growing every year by several billion devices. We are very good at networking people and things, but we pay little attention to the security of this new, networked world. How are we to think about IT security, in a world where 30, 40 or 50 billion devices are communicating with each other over a single network? For the first time, the Internet of Things does not just involve data; now potentially the security vulnerabilities directly threaten life and limb. Therefore, the project IT security in the Internet of Things focuses on resolving the market failure, and on creating incentives for IoT manufacturers to focus on security right from the beginning during development. To this end, various concepts will be analysed and evaluated in workshops, such as extension of product liability to software, minimum standards for IoT devices, or labelling.