Elisabeth Henschel

Office Management and Team Assistant

Elisabeth Henschel has been the SNV's Office Manager and Team Assistant.

After her voluntary social year in a care center in Graz, Austria, she moved to New Delhi, India where she worked as an intern in the bilingual kindergarten of the German School. On the side she volunteered at the Hope Project in New Delhi and advised the local kindergarten staff in modern and non-violent educational methods. To this day she is the co-editor of the project's newsletter.

After her return to Germany, Elisabeth got her B.A. in Social Work at the Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. Most recently, she dedicated four years to working with refugees in a 600-person residence in Berlin-Neukölln, first as a social worker, then as deputy director and pedagogical head of the social team.

Email address: 
+49 (0)30 81 45 03 78 80