Alexandra Paulus

Fellow for international cyber security policy

Alexandra Paulus is International Cybersecurity Policy Fellow. Her expertise covers cyber norms, cyber diplomacy and non-traditional actors in international cybersecurity policy.

Alexandra is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Chemnitz University of Technology and was a member of the doctoral college ‘Security and Development Policy in the 21st century’. In her dissertation, she analyzes how states shape cyber norms, focusing on the case of Brazil. In further research projects, she explores how states constructed a cyber norm for protecting the health sector in the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey’s role in international cybersecurity debates, and state responses to cyber operations in Germany. She has presented her research at international conferences in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Israel, and Turkey and published with, inter alia, Council on Foreign Relations, German Stiftung Entwicklung und Frieden, Interstate Journal of International Affairs, and the blog about:intel. In 2020, Alexandra was non-resident fellow with SNV.

Previous to her Ph.D., Alexandra worked on foreign and security policy. As deputy head of the Brazil office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, she analyzed Brazilian domestic and foreign policy as well as international security issues. She holds an M.A. in Public Policy & Governance from the University of Passau, having spent a research stay at the University of Guadalajara. In her master’s thesis, she examined the advocacy strategies of Mexican human rights organizations, having previously worked in Mexican and Guatemalan NGOs. Before that, she worked in the Bundestag and the private sector.

She is a member of Women in International Security Germany ( and volunteers as a member of the Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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International cyber norms, cyber diplomacy, non-traditional actors in international cybersecurity policy