Geopolitical Narratives of ICTs

Panel Discussion

Alexandra Paulus was invited to hold a presentation on "Constructing Norms for Responsible State Behaviour in Cyberspace" at the panel workshop "Geopolitical narratives of ICTs", organized by the University of Bath and funded by the British Academy. The purpose of this research project is to explore the role geopolitical narratives play in the process of global ordering and disordering. By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the project aims to both sharpen and deepen our understanding of the ways in which geopolitical narratives sustain and contest global order. It will do so with the help of three thematic case-studies on the subject of Migration, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Global Health, and by developing actionable research findings with the help of a policy-oriented symposium. Together with her co-panelist Mark Raymond of the University of Oklahoma, Alexandra discussed the narratives present in the international cybersecurity discourse.


Alexandra Paulus