Security in Cyberspace: the Limits of Nation-State centric Approaches to Security in Global Networks


Currently, scholars and political leaders are facing various global challenges: failing states, conflicts over distribution, terrorism and the refugee crisis represent only some of them. In this book, acclaimed experts from Germany and abroad offer a panorama of the international security threats of the 21st century. With a particular focus on the role of Germany, these experts present strategic approaches through which these challenges can be tackled in the most effective and sensible way, thus providing new impulses for the security policy debate in Germany.

The Center for International Security and Governance at the university Bonn wants to contribute a viable argument to a changing security concept in Germany. Aspects like rule of law, development promotion and access to resources take into account.

The book with a contribution of Dr. Stefan Heumann (Member of the Managing Board) is open access and can be downloaded here.

Published by: 
Bonn University Press
July 26, 2017

Dr. Stefan Heumann (Member of the Managing Board)