Shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence – Comparing strategies from Brussels and DC  

Background Discussion

Regions around the world are conceptualizing frameworks to best regulate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. One such example came from the European Commission, who recently published its rules for trustworthy AI, the world's first proposed legal framework to regulate the use of AI. Across the pond, the US government's National Security Commission on AI (NSCAI) has proposed a far-reaching reform package earlier this year. In contrast to the EU, the NSCAI's recommendations don’t focus solely on regulating AI technologies, but envisage massive investments into AI technologies to govern the technologies from their more nascent stages.  

We are delighted to invite you to two background discussions to discuss and compare the strategies by the EU and the NSCAI, shed light on the measures proposed in both packages and to analyze potential outcomes for the European and the American AI-landscape. 

On June 17 at 5 pm (Berlin), we welcome Irina Orssich who will talk to Philippe Lorenz. She is Team Leader "Artificial Intelligence" at the European Commission's AI & Digital Industry Directorate and will explain the planned EU regulation in more detail. 

On June 22 at 3 pm (Berlin), Kate Saslow will talk to Ylli Bajraktari, Executive Director at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI). We will also discuss whether ethical or trustworthy AI plays as large a role in the US strategy as it does in the EU proposal. To confirm your participation for both events, please register via the following form. Both events will be in English and on Zoom.

You can rewatch both parts of this series below:


June 17, 5-6pm: Irina Orssich (European Commission) und Philippe Lorenz (SNV)

June 22, 3-4pm: Ylli Bajraktari (NSCAI) und Kate Saslow (SNV)

06/22/2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm