Panel on "Democratising digital space" at Innocracy 2021

Panel Discussion

At Innocracy 2021, a conference organized by think tank "Das Progressive Zentrum", SNV project director Julian Jaursch takes part in the panel "Democratising digital space: How to find structural solutions for the challenge of disinformation" on October 15, 2021, between 2 and 3:30pm Berlin time (online and on site). In the discussion moderated by Anja Zimmer (former head of Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg), he'll be joined by Katja Jäger (betterplace lab), Pia Lamberty (CeMAS), Sabine Frank (Google) and Kai Hermsen (Identity Valley). Here's the panel description from the organizers:

"The invention of the internet has given rise to the potential of democratising access to information. Yet, digital spaces have also allowed actors to abuse their democratic access under the cover of free speech. Specifically, the attention economy accelerates the problem of the spread of disinformation within platformised digital spaces. What are structural solutions to the challenge of disinformation in digital spaces? In a moderated discussion, the dangers and methods of actors systematically spreading disinformation are illustrated, and the potential of (self-) regulatory and technical solutions to contain them outlined. The discussion will be rounded up by a statement of a representative of one major digital platform."

Watch a recording of the panel discussion here: 



Dr. Julian Jaursch

10/15/2021 - 2:15pm to 3:30pm