Disruptive Digital Economy Trends and the Implications for the Workforce, Skills and Policy Initiatives on e-Leadership Skills


The promotion of e-leadership skills and the provision of a larger talent pool of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals require the development of a comprehensive agenda (2016-2020) in Europe. This agenda should take education and entrepreneurship policies fully into account, address labour market disruptions (including for liberal professions), and integrate emerging leadership skills requirements for businesses exploiting Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Key Enabling Technologies. Work has started in September 2015. On 22 January 2016, interim results will be presented for discussion with experts. They will be asked to review progress and make recommendations for further proceeding. Topics to be addressed, presented and discussed with the experts include:

1. Implications of the digital economy for the workforce
2. Trend monitoring and analysis and impact on e-leadership skills
3. E-leadership policy initiatives and stakeholder engagement
4. Expert assessment of awareness, relevance, benefits and level of satisfaction with e-leadership policies and initiatives – results from a pan-European survey
5. Stakeholder commitment and engagement
6. Dissemination and promotion

The initiative will be running from September 2015 to January 2017 with expert workshops being organised during that period.

The workshop is the first in a series of five and provides a unique opportunity for the invited experts to discuss the current situation, latest trends and future developments and provide their views on the future necessary (policy) actions and thereby directly contribute to shape European and Member State policy development for the coming years.

01/22/2016 - 10:30am to 5:00pm