Die unsichtbare Arbeit der IT-Sicherheitsforscher:innen

Background Discussion

Private companies and public institutions, such as universities or hospitals, are often targets of cyber espionage, sabotage or blackmail. The work of IT-Security researchers includes  analysing the attack, mitigating the impact, tying it to advanced cyber-attack groups (also known as advanced persistent threats) through various tools and services and, of course, documenting their findings. Another job of security researchers is to evaluate and improve the IT-security level of governments and businesses.

On May 25th at 6pm - 7pm (CET), 12nn-1pm (EST), Julia Schuetze will be talking to the security researcher, Chris Kubecka, about her highly specialised and not-so-well-known career. At the age of 10, Chris hacked the Department of Justice and was consequently banned from using a computer until she turned 18. Then, she was recruited by the US Air Force and has since worked for US Space Command and Saudi Aramco, where  she led the incident response team during the Shamoon Attack. She founded the IT-Security company, Hypasec, and is regularly in the news for finding vulnerabilities in companies’ networks. 

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Julia Schuetze, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung
Chris Kubecka, IT-Security Researcher

05/25/2020 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Julia Schuetze