Data Science in Policy and Administration - Experiences from the Netherlands

Background Discussion

In Germany, data labs are currently being set up in the federal ministries and the Chancellor's Office. They are intended to ensure that federal authorities and the administration are more data-driven. Such teams already exist in the Netherlands. They deal intensively with data evaluation, collection and visualization.   
What has been the Netherlands' experience with data-driven approaches? What opportunities and risks arise from the use of data science in policy and administration? How do data science teams work? And how are they integrated into existing structures, e.g., in ministries?  
Pegah Maham, Lead Data Scientist at SNV, talked about these questions with Henk de Ruiter, Head of Risk Management and Intelligence at UWV, the Dutch Employment Agency. 


Pegah Maham (SNV)
Henk de Ruiter (UWV - Dutch Employee Insurance Agency)

07/06/2022 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Pegah Maham