Conference on European Resilience to Russian Cyber Attacks

Panel Discussion

The Hanns Seidel Stiftung is organizing the series “Talks on the Future of the European Union” to address gaps in policy and political action. On November 24 and 25, the series dedicates a two-day conference to questions of adaptation to and counteraction against Russian cyber threats. The main goal is to formulate recommendations on how EU strategies can be enhanced to combat Russian disinformation and looming cyber threats and thereby to strengthen European cyber resilience.

Dr. Alexandra Paulus is participating in the panel "Strengthening European Resilience – Proposals to Preempt and Counter Russian Cyber Threats?". The other panelists are Nils Brinker (Research Associate, ESMT Berlin), Christian Niksch (Consultant, BWI GmbH), and Simion-Dorin Rusu (Government Affairs Manager, Microsoft Romania & Northern/ Western Balkans), moderated by Dr. Estelle Hoorickx (Researcher, Centre for Security and Defence Studies, Royal Higher Institute for Defence, Brussels).


Dr. Alexandra Paulus, Nils Brinker, Christian Niksch, Simion-Dorin Rusu, Dr. Estelle Hoorickx