Transatlantic Cyber Forum Track 1 experts met in D.C. for workshop


From 12th to 13th of July experts from the Transatlantic Cyber Forum Track 1 came together in Washington D.C. for the first in person meeting and a workshop on government hacking and encryption policy.

The group consisted of experts from civil society, academia and private sector, identified further problems which were not included in the first problem analysis, such as IT security ramifications, lack of legal bars and standards and the missing human rights component. It was then discussed further how those problems can be addressed which resulted in two main focus areas which the group will tackle - principles for an ideal vulnerability management scheme and legal bars and standards.

The workshop was organised and moderated by Sven Herpig and Julia Schuetze. The TCF working group members will be asked to collaborate online in the next months.

10.07.2017 bis 11.07.2017