re:publica15 - Next up on the Political Agenda: Cybersecurity


This panel will address the main challenges for digital policies and notably cybersecurity in 2015. Recent developments have highlighted the shaky balance on which the call for freedom and human rights online are currently based. While the creation of a Special Rapporteur for the Right to Privacy may certainly be seen as a positive sign, other measures and changes in legislation are less promising. Featuring four speakers, two American, two German, the panel will outline the main challenges and explore why it is vital to include a broad range of voices and perspectives to shape the debate and influence security-inspired rhetorics in a positive manner. 

While "Internet Governance" was the main trend linking net politics in 2014 - just think NETmundial, ICANN acountability and IANA transition; "cybersecurity" is running high on the political agendas in 2015. This panel will try to identify reasons for this shift as well as the main challenges for the field. At the same time, bridging possible clashes and opening the respective debates between the "Internet Governance crowd" and the "Cybersecurity folks", the panelists will attempt to highlight different angles to cybersecurity that need to be considered in order to hold a well-informed discussion.


CATHLEEN BERGER (Federal Foreign Office)
JILLIAN YORK (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
BECKY KAZANSKY (Tactical Tech)

06.05.2015 - 12:30 bis 13:30