Regulating the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword often used to describe the rapidly-growing market of 'smart' gadgets. Every year, consumers take home untold devices—from cribs to condoms—that promise greater capacity through communication. It's not hard to imagine a near-future in which billions of consumer devices are connected to a single, global network. However, when we look closely into IoT devices, especially smart home products, we see that the market consistently fails to produce even the minimum of reasonable security and trustworthiness.

In this session we will examine the future of connected devices and incentives for manufacturers to implement Security-by-Design mechanisms and user-friendly information about how their products work. We will move from the very basics of consumer net literacy to the outer edge of 'what-if' scenarios for a future of connected devices.

The session is part of the Meetup "Speculative Futures Berlin": This is a group for those interested in speculative design, critical design, discursive design, strategic foresight, futurism, science fiction and visionary approaches that use design and visual culture to imagine potential future. We will examine the ephemeral and the tangible; showcasing creative projects, far out research, and tangible strategies for affecting change. We'll be hosting speakers—practitioners, teachers, students, and other professionals who will talk about their work and methods.

06.08.2018 - 19:00
Jan-Peter Kleinhans