Overview & Status of current discussion on “Digitalization & Development"


Keynote I: Overview & Status of current discussion on “Digitalization & Development”

Around the globe we see the impact of the digital transformation. It doesn’t stop at borders, nor oceans. In Sucre, Dakar, Mumbai and Phnom Penh digital technologies are changing the way we live, communicate and work. Digitisation can drive development. It can be an important element in promoting transparency, making processes and services more democratic and efficient, creating easier means for citizens and governments to communicate with each other, and boosting citizen participation. But digital technologies are not just a wellspring of opportunity. They also imply risks, such as new dependencies, surveillance and the elimination of traditional jobs. What do these parallel trends mean for international development?


Julia Manske (Stellv. Projektleiterin Open Data & Privacy)

16.11.2016 - 14:30 bis 15:15