Inscribing in law oversight powers in respect of intelligence services


Thorsten Wetzling (Privacy Project) will participate at the Fourth Seminar of the Queen Mary Reflection Group on Terrorism and Human Rights on Surveillance, Oversight, and Human Rights in Counter Terrorism.

One of the aspects of the activities of intelligence services as they come under scrutiny from the perspective of fundamental and human rights protection has been the scope of their activities. In order to clarify the duties and ambit of action of various intelligence services there has been a trend across Europe to provide a legislative basis, in particular oversight bodies.

In this first session we will examine the institutions, powers and scope of intelligence services’ oversight bodies and the impact on the services which placing on a legal basis their activities has had. Specific focus will be on France, Germany and the UK. Issues of the impact of constitutions and their requirements will be part of this discussion. Similarly the nature of the debates and events which have framed the move towards judicialisation.

29.11.2016 - 10:00 bis 11:30
Dr. Thorsten Wetzling