Geopolitical Narratives in the Process of Global (Dis)Ordering


Alexandra Paulus will take part in the conference "Geopolitical Narratives in the Process of Global (Dis)Ordering", organized by King's College London's Centre for International Governance and Dispute Resolution (CIGAD) and Nottingham Trent University's Centre for International Business Strategy and Decisions and taking place in London. This workshop explores the role that geopolitical narratives play in the process of global ordering and disordering. It is the final conference of an interdisciplinary project on geopolitical narratives, building on a shared recognition among the participants that competing geopolitical narratives are a critical, but insufficiently understood, dimension of global ordering. Geopolitical narratives can be defined as a means through which actors construct and impose meaning on international relations and articulate strategic goals. They are, in short, stories about strategic values, identity and motivations (e.g. "Global Britain"). By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the conference aims to both sharpen and deepen our understanding of the ways in which geopolitical narratives sustain and contest global order. It will do so by expanding on the outcomes of three thematic case-studies on the subject of Migration, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Global Health.

Alexandra Paulus will give a presentation in the workshop session on information and communication technologies, focusing on the implementation of cyber norms.


Alexandra Paulus

27.06.2022 - 09:00 bis 17:30
Dr. Alexandra Paulus