Vulnerabilities Equities Processes: Comparative Processes and Best Practices


The NYU Center for Cybersecurity hosted a workshop on "Building Common Approaches for Cybersecurity and Privacy in a Globalized World" to discuss pressing cybersecurity issues. The outcome of the event, featuring speakers such as Paul Rosenzweig and Michael Daniel is an edited volume of their articles. Together with Michael Daniel, Charlotte G. and Jason Healey, Sven Herpig contributed an analysis to the theme of "Vulnerabilities Equities Processes: Comparative Processes and Best Practices". Sven's work on "Governmental Vulnerability Assessment and Management: Weighing Temporary Retention versus Immediate Disclosure of 0-Day Vulnerabilities" had been published by SNV's Transatlantic Cyber Forum in 2018 especially to inform the European debate on government vulnerability management.

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NYU Center for Cybersecurity
23. Dezember 2019

Dr. Sven Herpig