Towards a Global Cyber Resilience Framework


As the second of three workshops on resilience in cyberspace within the EU Cyber Direct project, the SNV and partner EUISS invited experts from European institutions to talk about the current understanding of cyber resilience in the EU. Moreover, the convening of experts was used to identify European interests and priorities when promoting cyber resilience both internally and externally.

The workshop brought together participants representing diverse sectors and areas of expertise in order to get an overview of what sort of resilience measures are currently in place, as well as highlight any glaring gaps in efforts. The goal of this workshop was to identify the most important agenda items, problem areas requiring more work, and potential synergies. These will then be used as the next step of the project to inform how the EU resilience framework can fit into a global framework with international partners. The next workshop will take place most likely in February 2020.


Dr. Sven Herpig and Kate Saslow

Dr. Sven Herpig